Strength And Hope For All

Rehab/Detox Centers

Low Cost/ No Cost Programs

Awaken 514
Breakthru Recovery
Broken Shackles Ranch
Canaan Land Ministries
C.E.D. Fellowship House
Cornerstone Recovery Residences
Faith Farm Ministries
Golden Rule
Grace Home
Hebron Colony
His Mansion Ministries
House of T.I.M.E.
Mercy Ministries
Warm Springs
Abba House (women 18+)
?A Better Way Ministries (men ages 17- 55)
Agora House (men 18+)
Alternative Youth Care (men ages15-20 )
Breakthrough Recovery (men and women)
Calvary House (for men 18+)
Cornerstone Recovery Residences
Extension (men and women)
Foundation House (for men)
Four Circles Transitional program ( 6 months)
Freedom Counseling Services
Gaston House (Dallas, TX)
Genesis Ministries (Kennesaw Ga) (men) 770-926-0177
?Hickey House (men ages 18+)
New Faith (men )
Hope Homes (3/4 way house)
Inner Harbour (women 18+)
Life Healing Center – (adults)
My Sister’s House ( women and children)
Northstar Recovery (men 18+)
Oak Tree Recovery Homes (men)
Pathways to Peace (men and women)
Pavillon Place (men 18+)
Potters House (men)
Power House (men) Gonzales, Louisiana
Progress Valley (men)
Promise of Hope (men and women 18+)
Providence Ministries (men)
Real Recovery (men 18+)
Redemption House- (men 18+)
Rock Solid Recovery (men 18+) in Costa Mesa, California
Safety Net Recovery (men 18+)
Second Chance Recovery Residences (men and women)
Sober Living America (men and women)
Sober Living Community
Sure Haven (women 18+ in Costa Mesa, CA)
The Arches – (men and women)
The Refuge Group (men 18+)
The Well
Timothy House (men)
Traditions (men 18+)
Waypoint (men 18+)
Wellspring Living (women 18+)