Strength And Hope For All

Keelys Story

My name is Michelle Neese. I started this group in Memory of my son. Keely James Warren who passed away from a heroin overdose October 27, 2014. Keely would want me to do this as he was so giving and caring.

Keely was your normal All American kid, played football, baseball and hockey all the way from grammar school through high school. Keely’s heroin addiction started, like most others have, with pain pills; and went from there. By the time Keely was a young adult in his early 20’s, he was very addicted to pain pills. When he was about 23, here came the heroin, and that’s when his life really started to change.

Keely came to me a few times asking for help…. wanting help, and so we got him help. He went to rehab several times. People say they have to want to change; well if wanting it could have saved Keely he would still be here. If loving Keely could have saved him, he would still be here, because he was so loved. If having the will power could have saved Keely, he would still be here; he had the will and the will power to want to change, it just was not enough. Keely tried very hard to overcome this heroin. He still lived his life to the fullest and always, no matter what, had a smile on his face.

He worked a full time job and he was very much a health nut. He was in the gym 2 hours a day, and would not eat anything but chicken, brown rice etc… but yet, he put heroin in his body. I never understood that, but how could I? I was not addicted to heroin or any other drug.

I saw my son 2 days before he passed away and the last thing I told him was I love you son and gave him a hug. Keely did not look like a drug user; he hid this very well. And the day that I got that call was the worst day of my life! I will never forget seeing the coroner take his body out of his house. I will never forget the feeling of not being able to catch my breath to just breathe. I just kept telling the officer to call the medics to at least try and give him CPR. I begged them and they would not. Keely was already gone, and had been for 36 hours.

I had a break down at my son’s funeral. I went to the front where his urn was and would not let go. I just kept saying, “breathe Keely breathe,” and when his best friend came down to get me I grabbed a hold of him and said, “Cody, make Keely breathe, please make him breathe.” This was in front of 400 plus people. So many loved Keely and there were a hundred cars in the procession to the grave – all of his friends mainly. What a tribute to my son that was! Keely still left this world with his dignity and respect from others; he was always very giving and caring toward other people no matter if they were rich, poor or in between.